Christmas time will soon be over/ and then we’ll join the band

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if we ever make a mess/ i’ll do anything for you

Sufjan Stevens - “For the Windows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti”

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Cat Power - “Angelitos Negros”

yellow hair, you are a funny bear

Cat Power - “Colors and the Kids”

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and why would you think of me/ when you were not the one in love/ when you were not the dreamer/ when you were just the dream

The Mountain Goats - “Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise”

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lover put me in your beautiful bed/ and cover me

The National - “It Never Happened”

Can you make it feel like home, if I tell you you’re mine?

Patrick Wolf - “Born to Die” (Lana Del Rey Cover)

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i learn foreign and exotic terms of endearment by which to address you 

The Mountain Goats - “Riches and Wonders”

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i never liked a sad look/ from someone who wants to be loved by you

First Aid Kit - “When I Grow Up” (Fever Ray Cover)

And I could walk for miles/ I don’t know where to/but I could, I could go, I could go somewhere with you

Oberhofer - “I Could Go”

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you know i never meant to do you wrong/ but life is not so long

The Finches - “Last Favor”

Elliott Smith - “Alameda” (alternate version)

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all that snow makes it hard to see her/ did she wave to me?

Belle & Sebastian - “Winter Wooskie” 

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i never claimed to be the best/ so she got to try the rest 

Diamond Rugs - “Out on My Own”

so now I am older than my mother and father/ when they had their daughter/ now what does that say about me? 

Fleet Foxes - “Montezuma”