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come on now, sugar

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Green pins where ya wanna to go/ White pins where ya been

Monsters of Folk - “Map of the World”

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I’m gonna run to the river/ Kiss my hand and wait/ Gonna run to the river/ Gonna throw a blue bouquet

The National - “Santa Clara”

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Spring forward, fall back down

The Weakerthans - “Left and Leaving”

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there is no use in waiting/ offer up your steps so I can climb

Neutral Milk Hotel - “April 8th”

Jeff Mangum did a solo acoustic version of this song last night that brought tears and chills

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I love that you have saved me

Belle & Sebastian - “Calculating Bimbo”

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I see that ‘kiss me’ pucker forming, but maybe you should plug it with a beer

The Magnetic Fields - “Papa Was a Rodeo”

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"Focus in on the taskTry not to think about what it means”

The Mountain Goats - “Half Dead”

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St. Vincent | Mistaken For Strangers  (The National cover)

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i should live in salt for leaving you behind

The National - “I Should Live in Salt”

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hug the wire and pray like I told you, Mac

Richard Thompson - “Dad’s Gonna Kill Me”

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No this is not my guitar, I’m just bringing it to a friend

Sun Kil Moon - “Alesund”

it’s like finding love in an old folk song that you’ve never ever heard

Devendra Banhart - “It’s a Sight to Behold”

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Josh Ritter: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

well he’s just the most adorable